sims3-logoJust like any big game release, The Sims 3 can also cause some headache to some gamers: we’ve talked about fixing the Disc Authentication Error, now we’re going to focus on fixing graphical errors and problems, as well as freezes in The Sims 3 during gameplay. Are you experiencing such problems? There might be a solution for you, so read on:

First of all, follow this link to The Sims 3 website and find out if your system meets the game’s system requirements by clicking on the appropriate button. If your score is not one of the highest, it must be your system’s configuration that causes the graphical errors and Ultra Speed problems in The Sims 3. According to official word from Electronic Arts, you have a few options on what to do:

1. Lower the graphic options

In order to do so, start your game and click on the ‘…’ blue Options button in the bottom left of the Sims 3 screen. Then, click on “Options” and set your graphics options to the Low setting (you can find that under the Graphic Details section). Click on the blue check mark in the bottom right and relaunch the game. It won’t look as pretty, but it should run way better, without graphical issues, errors and freezes.

2. Lower the game’s resolution

If the game still doesn’t satisfy your needs (or you want to try something else), go to the graphical options as instructed above and select the lowest possible resolution at the top of the Graphics tab.

3. Run the game in a window

Go again to the Options screen and, under the Graphics tab, check the box near the “Run in Windowed Mode” text. Confirm the changes by clicking on the check mark in the bottom right and relaunch The Sims 3.

4. Lower the resolution of your monitor

If none of these tricks solved your graphical errors and problems in The Sims 3, you could try and lower the resolution of your monitor. In order to do so, right click on your desktop and select “Properties”. Click on the Settings tab and drag the slider below “Screen resolution” to some lower values, and try launching the game.

I truly hope that these tricks will help your Sims 3 game move more smoothly and get you rid of the nasty graphical problems. Please feel free to share your experience with the other players, especially if you have found some tricks to get rid of sluggish visuals in the game.