How to Fix ChefVille Out of Sync Error, Loading Problems and Game Freezes

How to Fix ChefVille Out of Sync Error, Loading Problems and Game Freezes

ChefVille looks right now like the hottest game on Facebook, but it also has some problems: connection problems that make it for some players impossible to load the game. One of the errors that is plaguing ChefVille early on is the Out of Sync error, as well as other loading problems and game freezes and Zynga is hard at work fixing these problems.

But until Zynga fixes the ChefVille loading problems, you could try a few solutions yourself and maybe get it fixed – below you can check out some tips on how to fix ChefVille Loading Problems, Out of Sync error and Game Freezes!

1. Install a new browser and try loading the game on it (so if you are playing on Mozilla Firefox, try Chrome or vice-versa. Hopefully you’re not an Internet Explorer user – if you are, change the browser immediately!)
2. Try to clear your browser’s cache and then try to reload the game. This rarely solves the problem using a compete refresh (CTRL + R), but as I said it is worth trying.
3. Close your other internet applications, especially any file-sharing applications or concurrent streaming video.
4. Use a plug-in (Ethernet) network connection rather than wireless.
5. Disable pop-up or ad blocking software. These software types actively monitor JavaScript and have been found to have a negative performance impact on Facebook & Zynga games, which rely upon JavaScript.
6. If you have more accounts, you will be surprised to see that the game might work flawlessly on a different account. But have in mind that if you do this, you won’t be able to transfer your data to another account!

And unfortunately, these are the only things that you could do to try and fix the problems ChefVille has when it comes to connectivity and loading the game. Hopefully Zynga will fix the game soon and everybody will be able to experience it fully because it is a really nice game!

Do you have any trouble with ChefVille and loading the game? Or, even better, maybe you have a solution of your own to these problems? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!