I hope you’re doing great in your Hawaiian Paradise in FarmVille because it’s time for a new challenge, the Chapter 8 missions that you have to complete starting today. I am here as always to share with you all the details about the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 8 missions and teach you how to complete them, so read the requirements below!

Hide and Seek Horse mission
– Get 4 Shiny Apples
– Harvest 85 Golden Sugarcane
– Harvest 2 Island Paddocks
Rewards: Dandelion Bunny, 125 XP, 1,275 Coconuts

Round Up! mission
– Get 6 Horse Callers
– Harvest 90 Kona Coffee
– Harvest 1 Dandelion Bunny
Rewards: Bamboo Golf Car, 150 XP, 1,700 Coconuts

Follow that Horse mission
– Get 8 Hoof Prints
– Harvest 135 Double Pikake
– Make 4 Coffees and Cream
Rewards: Rainbow Gypsy Horse, 175 XP, 2,125 Coconuts

Head ‘em Up! mission
– Get 10 Rocking Horses
– Harvest 2 Island Pastures
– Make 4 Island Punch
Rewards: Saddled Ewe, 200 XP, 2,550 Coconuts

Move ‘em out! mission
– Get 11 Horse Sticks
– Harvest 175 Hilo Pineapples
– Harvest Saddled Ewe
Rewards: Skinny Palm Tree, 225 XP, 4,250 Coconuts

Ride ‘em in! mission
– Get 12 Saddle Pillow
– Harvest 280 Lilikoi
– Make 4 Pineapple Sunrises
Rewards: Daisy Gypsy Horse, 250 XP, 8,500 Coconuts

And these is it! Just 6 missions now in the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 8 mission series and you know how to complete them. Have fun doing it!


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