And finally, after today’s major expansion in CastleVille, and after getting the chance to design our own Royal Crest Banners in the game, we have the Griffin Statue, the place where everything happens. The Griffin Statue has to be upgraded in order to complete the Geezers quests, but it comes with some missions of its own and I am here to share with you all the details about that: the Griffin Statue Upgratd quests!

Agricultural Superpower
– Harvest 20 Cabbage
– Craft 4 Fertilizer
– Feed 60 Animals in Your Kingdom

Pride on Edifice
– Have 6 Longbows
– Craft 1 Hanging Banner
– Place 1 Hanging Banner in your Kingdom

Buttering Up
– Harvest 25 Sugar Cane
– Craft 3 Saucy Tarts
– Have 15 Eggs for baking

Happy and They Know It
– Feed 25 Chickens
– Craft 5 Berry Smoothies
– Craft 2 Candles

There are 2 missions in the Griffin Statue Upgrade series but unfortunately I haven’t reached them yet: I will let you know as soon as I complete them!