Online Gaming

The exponential growth of esports in the USA over the past few years has been huge, with new collaborations and trends within the industry emerging weekly.

Key to the appeal with esports is connectivity, the competitive world that has been emerging within the esports sphere pits gamers from all over the world against each other, on a minute by minute basis.

One of the fastest developing markets within the esports industry is online gaming, with online betting companies and sportsbooks fully getting on board with the opportunities that esports can provide.

The aforementioned connectivity has given the international esports sector a 24/7, 365 days a-year calendar, enabling punters to access a huge range of betting markets when betting on esports.

Whether it be through the ever-developing live streaming gaming platforms, or through social media accounts, esports fans can access live action constantly and with supporting betting markets, it creates a dream scenario for esports betting fans.

As mentioned, convenience is at the heart of the offering for esports betting fans, with a constant stream of events and markets to bet on, punters are truly spoilt for choice. Esports staples such as DOTA, FIFA and League of Legends are played all over the world and punters can access a huge number of markets with every fixture that takes place.

This convenience isn’t afforded in the more traditional sporting landscape, with athletes needing to rest and recover in between matches and the regularity with which punters can bet on esports has the potential to revolutionize the sports betting landscape the world over.

In addition, esports as a concept, is a broader church than most other traditional sports offerings and all interests are catered for.

Betting on esports versions in NY of ‘normal’ sports such as F1 or NHL is very popular, but strategical games such as first person shooting games like Call of Duty or multiplayer online battle arena games like Fortnite cater for the needs of every potential esports betting enthusiast.

As a result, esports are able to entice a wider range of punters and players to their betting markets, which will have a direct impact on the number of people placing esports bets worldwide.

According to New York-based online betting specialists, few technological innovations have revolutionized the sports betting landscape in the way that live sports streaming has and within the esports sphere, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Being able to bet on the action as it unfolds has moved online sports betting to a whole new level from the consumer’s perspective but with streaming platforms inundated with esports content for users to get stuck into, betting on esports and keeping abreast of the action has never been easier.

With esports taking hold in the online gaming sphere it appears to be here to stay and its transition into the sports betting industry looks set to have an impact for generations to come.