A boy playing online games.

The sporting landscape in NJ looks set to change dramatically over the next few years as the after effects of COVID 19 are felt the world over. More traditional sports have been hit hard by the absence of fans in attendance at big events and whilst the sports betting industry is continuing to fund many sports, alternative income streams are always being considered by sports and bookmakers alike.

Esports has emerged as a key player in the world sporting market in recent times, with the convenience of being able to play and watch competitive sport remotely, holding significant appeal. With big money salaries and armies of fans, esports athletes are big business and with tournaments and fixtures taking place on a daily basis, followers have a plethora of action to get their teeth into.

Consequently, esports betting has become big business for all sportsbooks and more punters than ever before have access to esports betting markets.

Bookmakers have long offered enticing promotions to new and existing customers in an attempt to encourage them to place a bet. The emergence of esports betting on the market has led to more sportsbooks than ever before looking to add esports punting to their roster.

Some bookmakers are offering free bet tokens to new customers simply for opening an account, whilst other companies will offer the stake back as a free bet, should the opening punt lose.

With esports booming both as a sport and within the sports betting sphere, there has never been more choice on the market for esports punters. All of the major sportsbooks are offering a diverse array of esports betting options, allowing betting enthusiasts to find the perfect esports betting vocation for them.

Furthermore, viewing figures within the esports sphere continue to soar and the number of fans tuning into watch esports games online has never been higher.

With most contests streamed online, esports fans are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to live action and sportsbooks are quick to cash in on that. Bookmakers have become savvy to this growing trend, and they have started offering live streaming on lots of the major esports fixtures, allowing players to bet on and watch the action at the same time.

Another factor that is central to the appeal with esports is the natural variation that it offers to fans. Most other sporting disciplines are one-dimensional in not only the way in which the game is played but the accompanying betting markets too.

Esports offer a huge variety of game types and bonuses from combat battle games to strategical contests as well as games centered around specific sports, meaning there is something for everyone.

Cementing the sport in the betting sphere has been a long process but with the esports calendar constantly growing, the sport is revolutionizing the sporting schedule all over the world. Gamers are now professional athletes and this shift of power within esports has made the game increasingly professional – only adding further kudos to its status within the sports betting realm.