Cards, dice and a magnifier.

Playing online is all fun and games, but there are also certain aspects of it that shouldn’t be disregarded easily. Namely, gaming can only be a good pastime if you approach it safely. Casino reviews in Denmark, such as those written by Maja K. Lundborg, editor-in-chief of CasinoHex Danmark are a good place to start.

“No matter what kind of game you play, and how long you have been enjoying this activity, you always want to be sure your online casino has a proper licence. In Denmark, all licences are issued by Spillemyndigheden”, says Maja.

Always choose a secure payment method

As another equally important element to successful and safe gaming, she mentions the right choice of payment methods. In the 21st century, players have a plethora of options at their disposal, yet not all of them are equally recognized, approved or safe.

“Danes have been going mad about cryptos lately, although the Government has announced some hefty taxes on cryptos”, reveals Maja and adds, “In my opinion, complete beginners who have no clue about bitcoins and other altcoins should rather stick to e-wallets. They are cheap, safe and fast. Other good alternatives are credit cards, and debit cards, as they have been around for ages, and we all use them.”

Always read reviews

According to Lundborg, the easiest way to find a reliable online casino site is to read reviews. Throughout her career, she reviewed more casinos than she can count, as well as read plenty of content written by reviewers from all over the world.

“A casino review is an article that tackles all the important elements of the casino. Games, payment methods, licences, and mobile apps – all parts of it are scrutinized by experts who have the knowledge and skill to approach an online casino from the user’s point of view. Therefore, they are one of the best places to start your gaming journey”, explains the editor-in-chief.

Even so, she warns not all reviews are created alike. Maja suggests finding ones that transparently describe both the good and bad sides of a certain casino. Meanwhile, gamers should never rely on reviews full of grace for a certain casino brand. “No online casino is that perfect”, she adds.

Look at the security measures

Maja also mentions the license is not the only safety aspect gamers should focus on. In this day and age, casino players also have to see if the website is using SSL protocols and 2FA authentication during the login.

“This is the part users hate the most, as it requires some technical knowledge. My advice would be to look for the padlock icon displayed in your browser next to the casino domain. If you see it, it is a sign the casino has all the SSL algorithm sit needs. Also, try to sign up with a brand offering multiple authentication possibilities, and not just the password”, she suggests.


In the end, Lundborg says, finding a solid and reputable casino site, means you’ll be on a hunt for a whole package. In addition to reliable payment methods, you’ll also want to play at a casino with a long list of premium gaming suppliers.

“Premium studios guarantee a premium gaming experience, and a better gaming adventure as a whole”, Maja concludes, “you want fair and transparent gaming studios by your side, just as much as you want a regulated casino site.”

As you can see, playing at an online casino in a responsible way might seem like a bit of a hassle, but with Maja’s tips, it becomes smooth sailing.