A Roulette with numbers.

Roulette is generally thought of as a simple casino game to play most of the time. However, there is a myriad of bets for you to learn and that will take some time. If you aren’t yet familiar with such bets but want to start betting on roulette anyway, there are five straightforward bets that you can make. Some of these have short odds, and others are amongst the longest. However, they are simple, easy-to-remember bets. Here is what you need to know to start betting on roulette right now as a newbie:

Even Money Bets

You can’t get much simpler than even money bets in roulette. These gambling bets get their name from the fact that they pay 1:1 if successful, of course. Even money bets are typically reds, blacks, odds, evens and highs and lows. You’re betting on just under fifty percent of the wheel; therefore, the winnings are easy to calculate. Just place your chip in the designated spot on the board, and you’re good to go. These bets give you your best shot of success in roulette, even if they have the worst payouts.

Column Bets

Column bets are wagers on either the first, second or third column of the betting board. These see you betting on just under a third of the wheel. If successful, they can deliver prizes worth 2:1. Column bets can be found on the betting board, as mentioned. Just place your chip at the very top of the first, second or third column of numbers.


Dozens are, in many ways, nearly identical to column bets. Again, you are betting on just under a third of the wheel. However, this time, the numbers aren’t organised in columns but numerically. Here, roulette bettors can bet on the First Twelve (1-12), Second Twelve (13-24) or Third Twelve (25-36) sets of numbers. Again, the payout for doing so successfully is 1:1. To place this roulette bet, just place your chip in the appropriate box.

Split Bets

Having a crack at a split bet can see you wager on two numbers at once. However, you don’t get to pick which numbers these are. Instead, you’re wagering on two numbers that appear side-by-side on the betting board. If you pull off this bet successfully, you can win 17:1. To place this roulette bet, you need to put your chip on the intersecting line between the two numbers you want on the betting board. While this bet is risky, it does offer a fair chunk of change in winnings and is easy to remember.

Straight-Up Bets

Bets don’t come much simpler than the straight-up bet. However, this bet is also the least likely to come good. You’ll win an impressive 35:1 if you can pull this off. However, you are only betting on a single number. To place a straight-up bet, put your chip directly on the number you want to bet on. It is as simple as that.