Esports Betting

We’re sure you’ve heard of Esports events and tournaments. No, Esports is not FIFA, as some erroneously assume. Esports refers to professional and organized video game tournaments where video game ‘athletes’ compete for titles. It’s every bit as competitive and large-scale as traditional sports and has been steadily growing over the past couple of years. The most common Esports games played globally are DOTA, CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Rocket League.

These games are either played individually or in teams that represent entire nations.

If you still don’t believe that Esports is as big of a deal that it is, swallow this.
As of 2021, the Esports industry is evaluated at 1.08 billion U.S. dollars. 

That’s a lot of money, and there are major esports brands that recruit, train, and represent video gamers to compete in these mega leagues and championships.

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Different Ways to Earn from Esports

As it goes with traditional sports as well, there are limited ways to be involved with video games. You could be a casual gamer, involved in creating mods and overhauls, but never earn any real money from your favorite hobby.

If you truly want Esports to become your main source of income, there’s the popular route of streaming. Many video game streamers are talented and skilled at the game and other gamers seeking to learn from them make up their viewership. There also other kinds of video game streamers who provide entertainment through their personalities. They usually stream their gameplay and also themselves to show you their reactions and running commentary through the game.

There’s a huge rise in video game streaming over the past couple of years as the video gaming community grows rapidly. It’s a great way to talk about tactics, strategies, and techniques at getting better while also discussing new game updates and versions. The best part about video game streaming is that you don’t have to be great at the game to start, and you can intentionally play badly as long as it’s entertaining.

But if you want to take the highway, you could become incredibly skilled at your favorite video game and try your shot at Esports. However, you would have to be in the top 0.01% of players in order to qualify for the preliminary rounds of tournaments or any events. If this seems like your calling then you should pursue it, but be forewarned that not everyone gets to this level. While esports is much more egalitarian than traditional sports (no bar on age, gender, or physical fitness), it’s still extremely competitive and difficult.

Why Bet on Esports?

If you’re like most video gamers, enthusiastic and passionate about the game but unwilling to dedicate every waking hour training to be the best in the world (it might take the fun out of the game), you can still partake in the fun by betting.

There are plenty of Esports betting sites where you can find an upcoming event and bet money on your team of choice! Just like traditional sports betting, you profit from bets in your favor! Since you’re likely involved in the game already since you play it yourself, you’ll know who are the better players and who isn’t. Putting money where your mouth comes naturally for a true video game fan.

But even if you’re not a total video game fanatic, it’s still very profitable to bet on Esports. It takes very basic research to find out who’s the stronger team since all information about Esport brand teams is available on the internet as well as their playing history. With basic looking up and a few educated guesses, you could be making some serious big bucks.

Things to look out for

Esports betting is still relatively new compared to traditional online gambling and betting. You have to make sure that you’re using a trustworthy site whenever your choosing to place bets. Don’t blindly choose the site that provides the highest sign-up bonus, and focus on legitimacy instead! Never divulge your payment information if you believe you’re on a dubious website.


While Esports betting is usually done by video game fans, you don’t have to be one to take a piece of the cake! Don’t let the next big opportunity to make quick money pass by you. We’re not saying you’ll earn money automatically, but it is easy and basic betting that anyone can do without being a video-game aficionado. Good luck!