Hinterland, a role playing game with strategy elements developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment (Caesar IV, Children of the Nile and Simity Societies) is now available for download from Stardock’s own digital download platform, Impulse. The game costs only $19.99 and it promises to offer you a lot of fun in return for your money.

In Hinterland, your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a fantasy kingdom. Bring a diverse cast of followers to your settlement on the edge of the world and then carefully select members of your village to put down their ploughs, leave their comfortable homes, and take whatever weapon they may have at hand to join you on expeditions of exploration and conquest in the surrounding lands.

There you’ll encounter the characters and creatures of myth and folklore, and find much needed resources to expand your village. Should your forays meet with success, fame, fortune and prosperity await. But you must take care, for even the loss of a lowly farmer can spell disaster when harvest time comes. It sounds like an RPG blended with RTS and bits of city building. But you’ll find out for yourself if you decide to purchase it.