If you’re wondering how to beat the first mission in Halo 4, Dawn, on Mythic difficulty, I can sum it up for you: very hard! And have in mind that this is just the first mission that we’re talking about – the rest will prove to be real nightmares to Halo 4 fans.

But until we get to this Halo 4 Mythic guide for the first mission, let’s see what this level of difficulty actually means: the Devs refer to it as SSLASO, which stands for “Single-Segment Legendary All Skulls On”, meaning the player must make it through each mission individually on Legendary with all Skulls on, from start to finish, in one go. You can’t save, you can’t day, there’s no reverting to previous checkpoints in co-op. It’s really intense and nearly impossible!

But let’s see some tips, tricks and details for the Halo 4 Dawn mission on Mythic difficulty as shared by AuraSoldier313 on Halo Waypoint:

– Shields drop as fast as snapping your fingers
– Melee opportunities are incredibly risky but ultimately kinda necessary. Your shields drop so fast and enemies are rarely going to give you an inch to melee them that you’re likely to be in a perpetual state of shieldlessness.
– Ammo is scarce and ineffective for the most part
– UNSC weapons are rare for the most part, so get used to the Lightrifle and Boltshot
– You’re only ever gonna really get 2 overcharges from a plasma pistol. 3 if you’re really lucky with a pick-up, or 5 from a 100% one.
– Coincidentally, plasma peppering’s ineffective and just a waste of ammo.
– Enemies just don’t relent from searching for you and are practically aware of your presence 24/7; take ages to go back to scouting.
– You can survive Beam Rifle rounds at full shields at the cost of all your shields. Binary Rifles are still one hit kills.


– Standard tier
– 1 headshot is a kill across all grunts
– Good for getting shields back in melee
– Spam nades a lot

– Irritating tier
– 1 headshot to kill, however there’s no wrist to head stagger kills with Mythic/Thunderstorm active. Thankfully they move around a lot more and present themselves as viable headshot targets rather than sitting behind their shields all bloody day.

– OH DEAR GOD WHY?! tier
– All General rank a la Reach’s Generals excluding scenario specific (Rangers etc)
– They take 4, yes 4, overcharges to have their shields stripped, and their shields recharge very, very fast.
– Too damn accurate
– Often very inclined to chase you if you get too close. Expect to die in said situation
– Grenade happy like the Reach Ultras
– Only reliable methods of killing them are stockpiling and using plasma pistols + headshot until they’re dead, and assassinations (non-animation)
– Just all around uber-OP

– I’d assume uber-tank tier like always.
– The whole circle strafe melee thing will be in play a lot.
– Thankfully there’s only about 6-8 hunters throughout the entire campaign so there’s little need to worry about them for the most part.

– Haven’t tested any missions with these guys yet, but if Legendary was anything to go by, they’ll be the most ungodly broken enemy we’ll ever have to face.
– Want to assassinate them? Good luck getting passed the blade and their stupidly quick reflexes
– Want to kill them conventionally? Good luck with having any ammo to actually do so on Mythic
– Just want to survive against them? Yeah, no.

In other words, don’t go for the Mythic challenge until you get really familiarized with the levels and you get your skills to maximum, otherwise it will be a long day (and night) for you!

What tips do you have for beating Halo 4 on Mythic level? Share in the comment section below!