In case you don’t have the patience to go through the entire single player campaign of Halo 4, the ending of the game is here for you to check out. Actually, there are two videos, one for the Halo 4 ending with the normal difficulty settings, plus the bonus video that you get if you complete the game on Legendary difficulty.

I think that there’s no reason to insist that there are spoilers in the two videos that you can check out below (including a bit of Master Chief’s face), so it’s for you to decide if you really want to check out the Halo 4 ending videos below or wait for a little longer and try to complete the game yourself.

Halo 4 Ending (Normal Difficulty)

For the ending, start watching after 11 minutes:

Halo 4 Ending (Legendary Difficulty)

And this is it! What do you think, though, about the Halo 4 ending?