I have just recently started over on FishVille, and I am really pleased to see that Zynga is still delivering meaningful updates for the game: for example, the latest on offer is the Algae Cleaner, a really useful new item that will keep your fish tanks shiny and clean. Read on to find out everything about the Algae Cleaner in FishVille in our guide!

First of all, in order to have a fully operational Algae Cleaner in FishVille, you will have to build it with the following parts (you can obtain these by asking your friends):

– 3 Glass
– 3 Tools
– 3 Paint

After completing the Algae Cleaner, you can start using it, but things are not so simple: you must first ask for cleaner fluid in order to have the cleaner operational (additionally, you can purchase it from the market for FishVille Cash, which is probably not an option for any of us). However, with a few active friends, I am sure you’ll be able to keep the Algae Cleaner running and therefore keep your fish tank clean and shiny!