You have probably checked out a bunch of Youtube videos or read articles on how to get a Jet in Grand Theft Auto 5, but did you know that you can actually own one in your Hangar? Yes you can and we are here to share with you a guide on how to do that. So if you’re curious (and I am sure you are), read on to find out hot to own a jet in your hangar in GTA 5!

First of all, you need to be a little patient. You need to get either a chopper or other aircraft in order for this to work. Also, you need a parachute.

When you meet these requirements, simply fly your chopper NEAR the airbase. Jump out with your parachute and land on or close to a Jet there. Get inside and fly all the way to your hanger. You can even avoid being chased by other jets by flying low all the way to your hangar. A good tip here is to save your game right before getting near the air base, to easily reload before jumping.

Place it there and you will have the beauty, as seen in the screenshot, waiting for you at home. Good luck!

Source: GTA forums