Former God of War animation director and creative director for God War II Cory Barlog, in speaking with Gamasutra, teased a new game being developed at Sony Santa Monica. After spending six years away from Santa Monica, Barlog returned to his old home to start work on a new project.

While Barlog did not offer up specific details concerning this mysterious project, he did hint at the title being something more than just your typical “shoot the guy in the head” experience. Barlog believes the start of a new generation will allow him, and most developers out there to start creating more original and new content.

“That’s not to say that we will all be making games about love-struck poo, but I really believe people are hungry for games and experiences that offer them something more than just “shoot the guy the head.” At the very least, this new generation will be a motivator for us, as creators, to greatly increase context and reason to all of our creative decisions.”

Barlog did state that while it’ll be wonderful to create something completely new, he still wants it to feel familiar.

“I want to make something that feels instantly familiar yet completely different; something that feels like home on an alien planet with a nitrogen atmosphere. As lame and ‘PR’ as this sounds, the landscape of console gaming is at a pretty freaking awesome point right now. The next generation is going be a chance to really stretch our legs from a design and creative thinking perspective.”

Barlog said back in August that he was assembling an “Ocean’s 11-style” cast of developers for this new game. Now we know it’ll be developed at Sony Santa Monica.