Just how big of a Final Fantasy fan do you think you are? If your answer is something like “huuge”, it means that you’ll be thrilled to find out that Final Fantasy is becoming reality bit by bit. No, unfortunately this does not mean that Lion or Nana Mihgo (nor Yuna) are being somehow brought to the real world, but that we’ll be able to fell the spirit of Vana’diel wherever we go now.

How is that possible? Well, Square Enix has decided that Final Fantasy is such a great game that they have started to produce a Players’ Collection Tidal Talisman necklace which is now available for pre-order. As the long name suggests, there will be a real collection created here, available for a limited time only and produced in a made-to-order quantity, so that only the most hardcore fans will get their hands on it.

Since this whole “FF gets real” thing is just starting, Square Enix is offering a special (but not disclosed) in-game item with every Tidal Talisman necklace purchased. The only problem might be the price, though: £24 or €30 (available ONLY in the United Kingdom, France and Germany). So, if you plan to get your hands on something like this, be the first to pre-order on the 17th of October from the SE shop.