If you’ve seen or heard something about the FarmVille Care Package, this post will let you know everything about it, as well as give you the answers to the most asked questions: how to get the FarmVille Care Package and where does it come from? So let’s start learning.

First of all – what is the FarmVille Care Package? It is an amazing new feature that allows players who are not that active send their friends an amazing package containing Fuel, FarmVille Cash, 1 Unwither and a bonus of your choice (10x Stable Parts, 3x Puppy Kibble or 10x Spring Eggs). In other words, purse awesomeness, right?

How can one get a FarmVille Care Package? Well… that’s a bit more difficult. First of all, you need somebody who didn’t play the game for seven days, according to the official description below:

“If you have not visited FarmVille for 7 days and have allowed us access to a valid email account, make sure to check your email for a special surprise from the FarmVille Team!” – that’s the message you’ll receive and you’ll be able to send the care package to your friends.

The best part of the FarmVille Care Package is that once you receive it, you can send it to your neighbors too, so eventually people won’t have to be inactive just to send the package. Because nobody would like not to play FarmVille, right?