Today if you log in to FarmVille, you will notice that the gifting process has been changed in FarmVille. This is happening because Facebook will soon disallow applications to “spam” with such requests, so game developers are searching for easy ways to keep the hardcore players updated and make it as easy as possible for them to get the gifts.

So this new gifting feature of FarmVille is sleek and fast and seems like something that should’ve been there from the beginning: you can easily accept the gifts and send Thank Yous back and you manage to save tons of time. Also, you will always see an envelope at the top of the FarmVille playing screen letting you know how meny pending gifts exist. So definitely two thumbs up for this feature.

However, there is a little problem with the new FarmVille gifting: it is glitched for the moment and some of the strangest gifts are being processed. For me, for example, as you can see in the image (click to enlarge it), there were tons of requests for Clinging Vines even though in reality I had none. There were also a few gold requests, so definitely the new FarmVille gifting page is a bit outdated for the moment, but that’s fine with me: I was able to easily accept and ignore the gifts without losing the real ones I have accepted the old way.

The good thing is that Zynga is working on fixing the glitch and soon everybody will be allowed to enjoy this great new feature. What about you? Are you experiencing difficulties with the new gifting feature in FarmVille?