hidden-expedition-everestHidden Expedition: Everest is one of the best hidden object games I have ever played and it was considered the second best hidden object game of the year 2007 by Big Fish Games, so you can imagine that it’s got some real quality! What would you say if I told you that now you can download the full version of Hidden Expedition: Everest for FREE? You should get excited, that’s for sure!

In order to get your free copy of Hidden Expedition: Everest, follow the instructions below:

1. 1. Open the game’s page here (opens in a new window!)
2. Click on “Buy Now”
3. Select the $19.99 option
4. Uncheck the “Yes! Send me a back-up CD” option
5. Into the coupon field, type: FREEEVEREST
6. Click checkout, install and play Hidden Expedition: Everest for free.

However, if you want to get this top casual game for free, you should hurry, since the offer is available only for a limited period of time! You can also check out how to get puzzle game Azada for free!