Garfield is quitting his lazy life to enter a wild journey in Garfield’s Wild Ride. Namco Bandai announced today that Garfield is coming to smarphones and tables this spring.

In this game players will enter Garfields’ dreams, where basically everything is possible as Namco Bandai explains:

With so much time spent sleeping it’s no surprise that Garfield dreams. A lot. And when he does, his normal lasagna-stuffed physical form is left in the dust by fantasy flying Garfield. Yes!  In his dreams Garfield can fly!  Who knew? The lazy cat’s aerial-inclined imagination unlocks a wild game world of cat acrobatics, pasta-themed pickups and nutty bonuses, perfect for any feline fun-fancying player.

Assuming the role of a slim feline who’s able to fly and execute acrobatic moves, players can experience “45 different missions across 5 wildly varied game worlds.” Special events will happen often making the game even more dynamic and fun to play. Additionally, Garfield can be dressed with peculiar outfits and incarnate mythic characters such as Santa Claus.