Gaming has transformed recently, more games are digital than physical. The gaming trends show the rapid rise of digital games, especially online gaming. In addition, technology is improving the gaming experience with all its advances. Even real money online casino gaming is better now. The following are some of the hot trends this year.

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is one of the biggest gaming trends in 2017. Gaming devices are now developed to be compatible with VR Gear. Playing your games whilst wearing VR Gear gives you real life experience of that video game. It makes you feel like you are really the character in the game through enhanced vision and sound. A number of VR headsets have been released including Sony PS VR for PlayStation. Most game developers are now creating VR games. This is a hot trend in the gaming market and gamers are continuously watching out for newly released VR games.

Online and mobile gaming
Online gaming is a trend which can’t be ignored whenever we discuss games. Recently the numbers of online gamers have sharply increased like never before. Gamers tend to be loving online games rather than physical games or home video games. Online there are various games to choose from and you can keep up with new games. Currently, online gaming operators accept various currencies to cater for more gamers around the world. However, the operators can be exposed to currency devaluation risk and suffer a loss.

This year we’ve also seen increased popularity of online casino and casual gaming. Online casinos are really putting pressure on traditional casinos. Convenience is the main competitive advantage of online casino. Gamers are able to enjoy their favourite casino game anywhere and anytime.

The affordability of mobile devices also shaped the gaming industry this year. Mobile devices are the most used gaming devices at the moment. Every week many mobile games are released.