galactik-football-dsSome while ago I told you about the upcoming Galactik Football MMO based on the animated series of the same name. Today I have even more good news for the Snow Boys’ fans, as505 Games announced a deal with Alphanim to publish a DS exclusive Galactik Football game this June. So now there are even more ways for fans of the series to enjoy their favorite characters!

The DS Galactik Football will be a fast-paced futuristic sports game where players are responsible for a young team of stars from the planet Akillian called the Snow Kids. The aim of the game is, of course, victory in the illustrious Galactik Football Cup, knocking out rival teams such as the Wambas, the Technoids and the terrifying Shadows along the way. Using a combination of traditional football skills and a range of special ‘Flux-powered’ super moves unique to the series, Galactik Football promises to deliver everything you’ve wanted from a football game!

If that’s not enough to satisfy your futuristic football passion then challenge your friends to the all new Netherball Mode for one on one grudge matches with your friends! Galactik Football also rewards you for your successes on the pitch – you will be able to unlock new clothing for your team, stadiums to play at and new balls and logos to fully customise your team. And all these, as I said, will become reality in June 2009.