Just launched a short while ago, there’s a new game that climbs up the list of most played Facebook games and which seems to be ready to become even more popular than FarmVille itself. The emerging king of social games is called FrontierVille, a title in which we’ll have to go west and see how being a pioneer feels like.

The game will be very familiar to those who play other games created by Zynga, such as FarmVille, Cafe World of Treasure Isle, especially since FrontierVille borrows a lot in terms of looks and concept from the given games. However, not only that it brews and mixes all the elements into one game, but also adds a few extra concepts of its own in order to make it the most complex and fun Facebook game I have ever seen!

You start out small, with just a wagon and some seeds in your pocket, and an entire world to explore. First, you’ll have to clean up some grass and cut down some trees in order to have the necessary space to start building your town. Then you’ll start building the structures yourself, with the help of friends: you need construction materials from them, which are sent via gifting.

But in the meantime you’ll plant crops, you’ll raise animals and clean up even more space around. Decorations will soon be available for you to purchase, as well as extra houses and even schools for building and pretty soon you’ll find yourself with a real family in FrontierVille – spouse and kid, waiting for the world to be yours.

The feeling you get when playing FrontierVille is simply impressive: even though most of the actions, just as in all the social games out there, are quite repetitive, this game makes everything more interesting, involving the player at a maximum level. For example, harvesting a crop won’t automatically give you experience and coins and whatever extra bonuses it might offer you. No, instead you have to click small icons that jump off the crop you’ve harvested – click enough items and you’ll get extra coins, wait too long before clicking and it will all be gone. Forever!

Also, the social element in which Zynga is an expert is taken to the next level: helping your friends is not resumed to sending gifts or items on their wish lists, it also means visiting their towns, helping around with any chores you feel like doing and getting in return items, coins and experience, plus reputation points. These points, except for showing the entire world just how much of a real neighbor you are, also raise your stats and make you an even more helpful neighbor which in return might get hired by the friends. And this means that it will always be something to do in the game.

Add to that the amazing concept of living world of FrontierVille – trees and grass grow up on your plot of land, weather changes from one day to another and so on and you’ll have an amazing game in return, showing you that it was worth the wait for Zynga to release their first original game.

So try FrontierVille out right now since it is simply the best.Facebook.game.EVER!