One of my favorite movie series when I was a kid – just as it happens with most of the people my age – was Indiana Jones. Ah, the adventures, the excitement, the explorations… the amazing loot! Now we all have the chance to become, more or less, Indiana Jones on Facebook in YayZee’s casual RPG, Expedition Egypt.

Your goal in Expedition Egypt is that of completing Quests and completing ancient collections, while raiding other players (and surviving their raids) and building your empire of properties to generate coins for the items you’ll need in completing quests. In other words, the game is your classic Facebook RPG like Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars, but with a different theme: you spend most of your time mastering missions and gathering loot, getting skill points to increase your stats and climbing up the charts trying to become the number one explorer in the game.

There is just a very small numbers of new things you can see in Expedition Egypt compared to other social RPGs and they’re connected more to generating more income for YayZee than innovation itself. For example, you can scout other players before attacking them and see which has unbanked credits – but that costs 2 Expedition Credits (the virtual currency). Also, if somebody raids you and you want the losses back, you can pay 5 EC and it will happen. Not at all disappointing, just a piece of smart business, but I would’ve liked to see something I’ve never seen in a game before in order to completely feel that Expedition Egypt is worth my time.

But until then, there’s nothing to make me or you quit the RPGs you’re already playing just to switch to Expedition Egypt. The game itself is not a bad one, but there’s really nothing about it to draw your attention, except for the amazing fact that for a little while you can feel like an Indiana Jones of the modern times. Except for that, it’s the same: complete missions, raid players, get properties and level up like a mad man, waiting for the next set of missions to be unlocked.

Fortunately, it appears that YayZee also plans to expand the game (we’re teased that a new area – Cairo – is coming up soon), which means that if you do start playing the game you won’t get bored with its repetitiveness and you’ll get regular updates which are vital for such a game. So if you don’t have, like I do, a huge list of RPG’s you’re already playing and if you’re a fan of the genre, Expedition Egypt might be a game you’ll enjoy, so head over to Facebook and give the game a try!