FM_Screenshot03Square Enix has decided to offer us all some extra details on their upcoming third person shooter, Front Mission Evolved – from the full story to hot new features we should expect from the game! So, if you’re interested in the game or you simply wish to find out if FME is the game you should save some money for, read on!

Front Mission Evolved is set in the future and Earth is no longer what it is today: technology has advanced, countries have merged into huge blocks and war keeps on going. When a terrorist attack destroys one of the U.C.S.’s prized orbital elevators, the military is mobilised to eliminate the threat.

Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances: choose from dozens of weapons and wanzer parts to customize your unit, and
blast your way to victory, either in the single player campaign or in multiplayer!

Amongst the promised hot features of Front Mission Evolved, Square Enix and Double Helix Games promise some fast paced action set in real concrete mazes – from the frozen wastes of the Antarctic to lots of other unique locations. Also, customization is a key word in FME, with dozens of weapons and attachments available – all playable in intense multiplayer matches. So let’s hope for the best.

Until Front Mission Evolved is released this Spring, check out some screenshots from the game to get you in the mood for some real action, at least from Squenix’s point of view:
If you’re still not convinced, maybe a short Front Mission Evolved trailer will do the trick:

So… what do you think about the game?