Good news Mafia Wars players. This coming weekend, Zynga has a free property upgrade event in the game. This means you can upgrade any of your properties in any city for free.

The free property upgrade event is a one-time deal that will happen this coming weekend. It is definitely a reason to play Mafia Wars on a Saturday.

Zynga has also extended the San Juan event for another three days because of the several bugs players have encountered with regards to the boss event. In line with this development, Zynga is giving out 100 Victory Tokens and a Hazard Gear (35 Attack 71 Defense).

Players can now help out as many times as they wish for each San Juan Boss fight. They also implanted a two second cool down timer when attacking a San Juan Boss.

Zynga developers have also fixed a Chrome compatibility bug but I haven’t encountered this one before. I’m happy that they fixed the Vegas job fight. Also when you beat a Vegas boss, you’ll now master that particular tier.

What are your thoughts about these major developments in Mafia Wars?