As I said earlier, Flow Free is a game that really becomes challenging and almost impossible to finish when the board gets bigger. And when the Flow Free board reaches the 9×9 stage, it’s very hard to beat all the levels and that’s the exact reason why I have decided to give you a helping hand and offer a walkthrough videos for levels 1 to 30 or, in other words, a complete walkthrough to Flow Free 9×9 board. It’s not going to be easy as you probably know already, but starting now things are getting a lot easier with these solution videos.

So if you got stuck playing the Flow Free 9×9 levels, you are at the right place as we have the walkthrough videos for you. So let’s begin!

Flow Free walkthrough: 9×9 Levels 1-10

Flow Free walkthrough: 9×9 Levels 11-20

Flow Free walkthrough: 9×9 Levels 21-30

Kudos to iOS ninja for providing these really useful walkthrough videos for Flow Free.


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