rihannas-revengeYou probably know about Rihanna’s problems with Chris Brown – problems which turned the female singer’s face into a swollen, bruised face. Now it’s time for things to turn around and you can help them being so. How? Virtually only, by playing Rihanna’s Revenge, a simple and kind of funny flash game in which you can smash Chris Brown with all the anger you have accumulated.

Although Rihanna fans might actually cool off a little bit after playing Rihanna’s Revenge, the flash title from Joinkers doesn’t add too much of anything and as a game it is not something that will remain in our memories. Still, it’s a quick find to entertain (and make fun) of some more serious problems and the title has all the chances in the world to go viral, just like Bush Boot Camp went a while ago.

Either way, since it will only eat up a couple of minutes of your time, you could go and play Rihanna’s Revenge, kick Chris Brown and help the singer have her revenge on the girl beater. Just virtually because, yes, we are peaceful people after all.