fishville-hibernatorThe hibernator has been introduced to FishVille and it is a really handy item for those who will go on a short vacation without internet access. To find out everything about the FishVille Hibernator – what is it, how to use it and where to get it, read on this article and find out!

Upon logging in to FishVille, I was notified (as you can see in the image, click to enlarge) by Zynga that I had received a 2 Day Hibernator as a gift. Their short explanation was that hibernators freeze our fish while we’re away. Ouch!

However, that’s not as painful as it might sound at first – that’s what I found out after digging a bit to see what is the FishVille hibernator. It is an item that, once activated, slows all the fish in a tank so they can’t get hungry or die until the time is up. This means that if I activate my gift – the 2 day hibernator – none of my fish will get hungry for 48 hours! The good thing is that you can sell the hibernator to the market once you log back in and get money for the unused time, or simply pause it to keep playing while you’re in the tank.

If you wonder how to use the hibernator, it’s simple: simply click your gift box and then the Use button on the hibernator. Don’t forget that you can one use it in a specific tank and you can’t move it from one to another!

Are there more hibernators? Yes, they are and you can purchase them from the FishVille market. There are two hibernators available at the moment:
5 Day Hibernator (15 Sand Dollars, gives you 300 XP)
10 Day Hibernator (25 Sand Dollars, Gives you 500 XP)

What do you think about these new items? A bit too expensive if you want one for each tank (and you have like 6-7 tanks!)


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