barn-expand-storage-uniGreat news, farmers! Zynga decided to offer us an amazing gift starting this weekend: the ability to add more storage to our farms by raising the storage number of any and all of our barns and tool sheds! To find out all the details about the Barn Raising options, as well as how to do it and how to access it, read on the article on!

Here’s what the official announcement of the Barn Raising event reads: “Need more storage? Have an ol’ fashioned BARN RAISING with your neighbors to upgrade the capacity of your storage buildings!”

So how do you increase the storage capacity of your barns? With the help of your friends! You will post a wall message saying that you’re hosting a Barn Rising and from that point on, you’ll have three days to get help from 10 friends in order to upgrade the storage room. Or you may upgrade with Farm Cash and get a discount for each friend who’s already helped!

How do you post on your wall that you need to expand your storage space? Simply find any of your barns or tool sheds and click on them. Then select “expand storage” and an image similar to the one above will pop up (click to enlarge for better view). Then, when you click the “EXPAND“ button and post it on your wall then hope that ten of your friends will help you expand your storage.

How much do you expand your storage with this event? Each storage building (Barn and Tool shed) will get five extra storage room after the first level storage is completed, then 7 extra storage after the next level of the upgrade will be achieved!

What do you get in return for helping your friends with the Barn Raising? Except for their gratitude, you will earn 100 coins. Here’s how a wall post will look like:


Can you help the same friend expand their storage more than once? Apparently yes, you can help your friend once per day!

Is there a limited number of barns or tool sheds you can upgrade storage for? No!

Have fun upgrading your storage room – something really cool from Zynga since with all the new Farmville items, things are getting quite messy! And if you still don’t have enough neighbors to help you upgrade, why not check Unigamesity’s list of FarmVille neighbors?

UPDATE: It appears that there is actually a limit regarding the Storage space. That is 100 places – after that limit is reached, you will still earn stars from upgrading your Barns and Tool Sheds, but no extra storage space!


  1. Once you have a Barn Raising…it gets posted on your home page. How do your friends continue to help you raise your barn if they can’t find it listed anymore? I have 4 friends that helped me, but now they can’t find my barn or the option of where they can help again. I can’t help my friends with their barn raising either. Help clarify how we help each other after the initial posting. Too confusing…we should have the option to click on the neighbors barn and help them again.

  2. gave me the option to post a second request for help with raising a barn (i’m at 7 of 10) and i selected ‘make a second request’ but it didn’t post anything on my page. has it worked for anyone else?

  3. The pop up says ‘return tomorrow to see if your neighbor still needs help’ . Everyone I know has returned, well after 24 hours, and we all get the same message ‘you have already helped with this barn raising today’. Has anyone returned and helped the same farmer twice or more ?

  4. I tried my third barn raising and the link didn’t come on my page. How do I get it to post on my page? I have the first link for the barn raising but it says that one is done. Never received the 2nd or 3rd link for the barn raising on my page. Help!!!

  5. I got a pop-up but the message regarding barn raising never got posted to the Live Feed, my Home Page OR my Profile….HOW DO I REPOST THE BARN RAISING REQUEST???

  6. To get a Floppy Eared Bunny….when you open you farm, go down to the very bottom of the page where there are adds….there should be an add for the bunny. Just try clicking on that and see if it works. Thanks to Mary for the info on clicking on “Give Up” to try and get it reposted.

  7. Hi Mary, I don’t know what else to tell you….I know that Farmville is having some major issues with “tech bugs”. FOR THE LOP-EARED BUNNY…Click on your MARKET box and then click where it says “Specials” the “Lop- Eared Bunny” is the second box on the page. It is next to the Mystery Gift” IT DOES COST 9 FV DOLLARS!!!!! Regarding the Barn Raising…I haven’t a clue. I’m having trouble with that. I eventually clicked on “GIVE UP” and it posted a Message, but NO ICON WITH THE BARN and it set me back to 0 out of 10 friends needed to help. ALSO, one of my friends told me that we don’t actually get another barn, we just get the storage expanded in the one that we have. So if I were you I would just keep trying AND send an EMAIL to Zynga Support. You can go to and sign-in (or register) and then submit individual questions or problems. They will give a list of thing that MAY answer your question, but I would suggest that after you sign in, click on the Farmville Icon, go ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and you will see an EMAIL envelope. Click on that, give them the information and write and explanation and click on “Continue to Submit”. It will bring up some suggestions. Just go down to the bottom of the page and click on whatever “Finish Submitting….” and you are done. They will email you an answer within 24 hours or so (depending on how busy Tech Support is. They are very good about it, and be sure to thank them when you receive an answer that helps. It will get them to continue to answer your questions. They DO work very hard to help us. Sometimes the programs just don’t work like they should but they ARE trying. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  8. I was able to post the “barn raising” all 3 days to get my friends to help me…it would NOT allow the same friends to help me even though it was 24+ hours from their last time helping me. I finally got 10 friends to help on this 3rd day but it did not expand my storage space…it wants me to pay 10 Farm Cash to expand it (it says progress:10 of 10…Give up or Buy) I thought the purpose of the 10 friends was so you could get it free. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  9. Well, I’ve went back in (the 3rd time) and this time they have my barn updated to the new storage capacity. I’m thankful for that.
    While I’m posting, I thought I would also ask about “Fenced In”…I have a lot of fence pieces on my farm and FV has only credited me for what I have bought since they posted the new ribbon…my husband, however, has been credited with the amount of fence pieces that are on his farm now (he has not bought any since they posted the ribbon) (he has less fencing than I do but shows more on his ribbons). Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  10. Got the 10 people to help raise my barn but nothing happened and i habve no barn icon and when i click expand barn the pop up comes up but with no options

  11. I bought a 2nd storage which is now simply duplicate of the one I already head. The capacity increased, but when I store an item, it puts the same item in both storage sheds.

  12. After my frnds helped me wid raising the barn i clicked on buy and it said increase storage for zero FV. later the next time i logged in i lost ten FV and my barn was increased to twenty…i dint buy it and i lost my FV… any helpp???

  13. I have a barn and 2 storage sheds. My inventory is duplicated in each one. Is it supposed to work like this? If so I’ll sell the storage sheds. Who needs them if the same items are stored in every bldg.

  14. Hi, I am having the same problem with a duplicate barn, I don’t want to delete it as I paid for it and am afraid I might lose all my goodies stores in the original barn. Any suggestions. Thanks

  15. My friend click on the link on to help me with my barn, but it just connect him into the application. It doesnt help.
    What should he do?

  16. I posted a barn raising 2 days ago and still need 3 people. How can I repost it? I see by reading some of these other posts that people put their website here and people help…where would I get the site?

  17. hi
    i have the same problam ad dennis…
    when friends click on help, it just connect to the application without any help…
    what can i do??

  18. okay i still need 3 more clicks, but then my friend told me that they cant help, according to them it said only your friend could help you in your barn raising, now i’m confused!!!

  19. I also am having a problem of reposting my barn raising- tried repeatedly, cannot get it to work!! What can I do?

  20. On my farm for 2 day’s now 2 of my RED BRANS & 2 of MY SHEDS . When my farm comes up these are missing. Itake good care of my farm. I would like to enlarge my farm if I could. THANK YOU

  21. This message is for Gail. I, too, was trying to figure out why my items appeared duplicated in my tool shed and barn. I found this:

    • Note: all your items are stored in one central location and can be accessed by barn, tool shed, or by clicking the new storage icon in the toolbar

    So, in my case, I have 1 barn and 1 tool shed. The barn holds 6 items, the tool shed, 2. My storage total, when I click on either of them, is therefore 8.


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