barn-expand-storage-uniGreat news, farmers! Zynga decided to offer us an amazing gift starting this weekend: the ability to add more storage to our farms by raising the storage number of any and all of our barns and tool sheds! To find out all the details about the Barn Raising options, as well as how to do it and how to access it, read on the article on!

Here’s what the official announcement of the Barn Raising event reads: “Need more storage? Have an ol’ fashioned BARN RAISING with your neighbors to upgrade the capacity of your storage buildings!”

So how do you increase the storage capacity of your barns? With the help of your friends! You will post a wall message saying that you’re hosting a Barn Rising and from that point on, you’ll have three days to get help from 10 friends in order to upgrade the storage room. Or you may upgrade with Farm Cash and get a discount for each friend who’s already helped!

How do you post on your wall that you need to expand your storage space? Simply find any of your barns or tool sheds and click on them. Then select “expand storage” and an image similar to the one above will pop up (click to enlarge for better view). Then, when you click the “EXPAND“ button and post it on your wall then hope that ten of your friends will help you expand your storage.

How much do you expand your storage with this event? Each storage building (Barn and Tool shed) will get five extra storage room after the first level storage is completed, then 7 extra storage after the next level of the upgrade will be achieved!

What do you get in return for helping your friends with the Barn Raising? Except for their gratitude, you will earn 100 coins. Here’s how a wall post will look like:


Can you help the same friend expand their storage more than once? Apparently yes, you can help your friend once per day!

Is there a limited number of barns or tool sheds you can upgrade storage for? No!

Have fun upgrading your storage room – something really cool from Zynga since with all the new Farmville items, things are getting quite messy! And if you still don’t have enough neighbors to help you upgrade, why not check Unigamesity’s list of FarmVille neighbors?

UPDATE: It appears that there is actually a limit regarding the Storage space. That is 100 places – after that limit is reached, you will still earn stars from upgrading your Barns and Tool Sheds, but no extra storage space!