Hello farmers! Yesterday I gave you the news regarding the new FarmVille feature: the storage expansion via the Barn Raising. As expected, many of us are facing quite some problems with the Barn Raising event and I am going to respond to some of the most important questions and problems you might have with the Barn Raising in hopes that you will be able to get the most out of it. So let’s begin!

1. I asked once for help for the Barn Raising, but I did not get 10 friends to help me. How do I repost the ask for help Barn Raising on my wall?

There are two options to solve this problem:
a) Log in to FarmVille and you should see to the left of the screen an icon that looks like a barn. As shown in the image below, click it and a pop up window should appear. That is the repost window – just hit “Publish” and it will appear on your wall and friends will be able to help you once more!
b) If you can’t see that icon, go to your wall (click on your Facebook username in the upper right corner) and simply scroll down until you find the first post where you asked help for the barn raising. Right click the “Click here to help” text and from the window that appears click on “Copy Link Location”. Now simply post this link on your wall and share it with your friends – this way they will be able to click it and give you help with the barn raising once more.

2. My barns get extra stars, but I don’t get extra storage space. What’s happening?

The total storage of your farm is limited (as of Jan 9, 2010) to 100 items. So if your total storage has reached the limit, according to Unigamesity, the Barn Raising will only increase the number of stars of your Barns/Tool Sheds, but not the storage limit (even if you purchase with FV cash!)

3. Why can’t I upgrade the storage of the Chicken Coops or Dairy Farms?

This is still a “coming soon” feature (as of Jan 9, 2010). Nobody can do that at the moment and there is no word when we’ll be able to upgrade the Dairy Farms or Chicken Co-ops.

You can read the original article on the Barn Raising even by clicking here. If you have further problems/questions regarding the Barn Raising, please post them in the comment section below and we’ll try to help you out!