Hello farmers! Yesterday I gave you the news regarding the new FarmVille feature: the storage expansion via the Barn Raising. As expected, many of us are facing quite some problems with the Barn Raising event and I am going to respond to some of the most important questions and problems you might have with the Barn Raising in hopes that you will be able to get the most out of it. So let’s begin!

1. I asked once for help for the Barn Raising, but I did not get 10 friends to help me. How do I repost the ask for help Barn Raising on my wall?

There are two options to solve this problem:
a) Log in to FarmVille and you should see to the left of the screen an icon that looks like a barn. As shown in the image below, click it and a pop up window should appear. That is the repost window – just hit “Publish” and it will appear on your wall and friends will be able to help you once more!
b) If you can’t see that icon, go to your wall (click on your Facebook username in the upper right corner) and simply scroll down until you find the first post where you asked help for the barn raising. Right click the “Click here to help” text and from the window that appears click on “Copy Link Location”. Now simply post this link on your wall and share it with your friends – this way they will be able to click it and give you help with the barn raising once more.

2. My barns get extra stars, but I don’t get extra storage space. What’s happening?

The total storage of your farm is limited (as of Jan 9, 2010) to 100 items. So if your total storage has reached the limit, according to Unigamesity, the Barn Raising will only increase the number of stars of your Barns/Tool Sheds, but not the storage limit (even if you purchase with FV cash!)

3. Why can’t I upgrade the storage of the Chicken Coops or Dairy Farms?

This is still a “coming soon” feature (as of Jan 9, 2010). Nobody can do that at the moment and there is no word when we’ll be able to upgrade the Dairy Farms or Chicken Co-ops.

You can read the original article on the Barn Raising even by clicking here. If you have further problems/questions regarding the Barn Raising, please post them in the comment section below and we’ll try to help you out!


  1. I did copy link location and then when my husband tried to click on it, it said he had already helped today-but he hasn’t for 2 days.

  2. The barn icon does not show up at all and i tried to go to the wall and to the first time i published and it does not give u the option to copy link. This is not fare as I have spent a half day already trying to republish this so that i may get my 10 helps and my time will run up and it will not happen.

  3. We haven’t been able to successfully click on anyone’s request asking for help after the initial post. I know some of my friends are also having this problem, even though it’s day 2 or day 3.

  4. I don’t have the icon and when I right click on Click here for help I do not have an option that says copy link I do have one that says copy shortcut but when I do that it shows up on the wall as the address and does not work. Additional I have two sheds and it will not let me expand my second shed.

  5. i created a problem…sold my shed in the middle of expansion and my post is gone (deleted)…now when i purchase a new shed, it will not let me repost as it thinks its in the middle of expansion…am i stuck forever…been a day now…nothing changes. when i log into FV it comes up with the expansion screen…but i can neither say…’forget it’ nor have it finished….argg…can you help at all? Thanks in advance!

  6. First posting for barn raising was fine but when I accept repost it is not reposted also coping doesn’t seem to be an option and friends a told they have already helped… Please fix this. Thanks very much!

  7. i’m having the same problem everyone else is…can only post once,cant get the link to work…very frustrating when I read other peoples posts that there storage expansion is complete!

  8. I started my barn raising and only needed one more according to a pop up on my screen when I opened FV. A friend went to go help and it said that the barn raising was over…yet when I click on storage it won’t let me expand! Also, all my friends had a progress show up (6 of 10 etc) I never had that show up at all , it only ever showed how much of my storage was being used! What do I do???

    • I purchased a barn for extra storage and it won’t raise. My first barn worked fine however not my second. Have you figured out your problem yet and do you have any advise for mine? thank you

  9. Hi Guys,
    Any solution for the “You’ve already helped today. Please retry in {-10} hours” issue? If this doesn’t work how am i supposed to raise it?

  10. @Piyush, I think it’s a glitch in FV’s program. In spite of what it says, I don’t know any of my friends that were able to click twice on mine or anyone else’s barn raising. You just need to get 10 of your friends to click for you. I have helped a few of my friends by copying their link location (right click on the “Click here”) and posting it to my page, asking my fv peeps to help my friend. See if you can get a friend to do that for you and vice versa.

  11. when I bought the barn to be raised, and tried to post it to my feed, there was an error, so now how do I find the link for my barn raising so that I can post my raising, and no there in not a barn icon on my farmville page.

  12. I bought my barn raised it, and then I bought a second barn a few days later to raise for even more room it won’t let me raise it. It says this barn raising is over even though I just started it. It will however let me increase storage if I purchase with farmville cash. I tried purchasing another barn thought maybe just some error, however still can’t raise the barn. Can anyone help with my problem?

  13. I have completed the barn raising twice and neither time it registered – showed it was completed both times. still shows on 20. sure would like this fixed as after having 20 people help and end up with nothing.

  14. I’m having trouble with my dairy barn expansion. Once 6 or 7 people have clicked to help it locks everyone else out and says I’ve completed my expansion. However when I go to check it says noone has helped. I’m so very frustated and have wasted too much time on this. Please give me some advice or correct this problem. Also when I go to relist it says game’s out of sync.

  15. When I try to expand my barn for my cows. I hit expand. The box pops up to share with with friend’s I click share. I wait a minute and it says game is out of sync please reload your game. This has happened several times. My husband was able to expand his and we use the compute so I’m not sure what is wrong with my game.

  16. when I try to expand my barn. I hit expand then it goes to the next box to ask 10 friends to help, when I click it it says I am out of sync please refresh page I do that and the same thing over and over, It hasn’t worked since yesterday.What am I doing wrong. I have clicked different barns because I didn’t know if you had to do it in oder but any way I do it the same thing happens. I even went to the farmville site instead of facebook, same thing.

  17. I click on expand and I click on where you ask 10 friends to help. But it wont let me post. I try every day hopeing it will change but its the same way.

  18. when I try to expand my barn. I hit expand then it goes to the next box to ask 10 friends to help, when I click it it says I am out of sync please refresh page I do that and the same thing over and over…plesae help me and tell me solution for this…..

  19. the game freezes everytime i click “expand” on chicken coop/dairy farm/storage barn. i wait for hours but nothing appear.
    clearing cache wont solve my problem. any help?

  20. been trying to expand my dairy farm for days friends try to help and the response they get it the barn raising is over?

    • same here ! every time a friend tries to help me it says barn raising is over. someone please help i have so many chickens!

  21. I only need 3more to expand my chicken coop but both suggestions don’t work I am going to delete all the newer items on my wall to bring my barnraising closer to the top, in hopes a few FV friends checks my wall once in a while. These comments are months old and still no resolution. :P

  22. This does not work!!!!!!! It says the link is too long and won’t let me repost! I keep losing my expansion just for 1 more click. Very frustrating!

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