The final beta weekend for Marvel Heroes begins at 1AM tomorrow morning (UK time) and will run until 6PM on Monday. The beta weekend will be open to everyone, providing you have a PC capable of running the game.  If you wish to partake in the beta you need to register here and I would recommend downloading the game client well in advance.

Along with the announcement of the final beta weekend, Gazillion Entertainment also released a ‘State of the game’ developer blog with COO and Diablo creator David Brevik. In the post Brevik explains how the team is currently in a crunch period, working to get the game ready for its June 4th release date. The company is currently working on many aspects of the game including endgame content and addressing balance issues, so if you do take part in the beta don’t expect it to be perfect.

Brevik also encouraged as many people as possible to join the beta and invite all their friends as the NDA has now been lifted. This also means that participants are finally allowed to freely talk about the game, and produce both written and video content from the beta.

I personally have been a part of the beta for a few months now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game and can easily see myself becoming addicted when the game launches properly on June 4th. However if that is too long to wait you can buy a Founders Pack which will not only give you access to heroes and costumes on the cheap but also give you early access to the full game.