warhamer-online-wallThe Call to Arms expansion was very popular and appreciated by the Warhammer Online players, and soon they will receive the final live event. Between June 16 and June 22, the forces of Order and Destruction will race to construct giant airships that will soon transport players into the treacherous deserts of the Land of the Dead.

The winning WAR Realm will be awarded with a great prize: the first access to the new Tomb Kings themed dungeon zone (and the great wealth within). Also, the most ambitious adventurers will be further recognized for their contribution, with exclusive titles: “Sky Captain” for Order, and “Master of the Air” for Destruction. Plus, everybody will have a chance of receiving an ultra-rare item, only available during this final WAR event: the Ravening Cloak (we have no stats for it, though).

So… are you ready? Is your realm ready? You will certainly find out on June 22, when this event ends!