king-of-compost-ribbonA new ribbon – King of Compost – is available in FarmVille and it comes to challenge us a bit more just after the introduction of the Pretty Garden Ribbon. Yay to new features! So… let’s see what is this new King of Compost ribbon and how can we get it fast.

As you can see in the image to the left, the King of Compost ribbons are being awarded to farmers who harvest fertilized crops – one of the very few FarmVille ribbons that completely depends on your neighbors activity, since it’s just them who can fertilize your crops. And it’s not really easy to get either, since you need to harvest 75 fertilized crops just for the first, yellow ribbon!

So… how can you get the King of Compost Ribbon? It’s not really easy, but here are a few tricks:

1. Make sure you have as many neighbors as possible since it increases the chances of them coming to your farm to fertilize the crops. You can search for more FarmVille neighbors here.
2. Harvest your neighbors’ crops yourself: this way, they will be announced that you’ve visited them and might repay you the favor.
3. Post on your wall, asking your friends to come and fertilize the crops.
4. Be patient. Eventually, you will earn the ribbon – there’s no need to hurry things up, after all!

If you have any questions or comments to make regarding the King of Compost ribbon, use the comment section below. Also, click here if you wish to learn more about a complete FarmVille guide that will help you improve your farm and playing technique!