Starting right now, we can purchase a few more FarmVille expansions on our different farms (Home Farm, English Countryside) for coins only and expand the land for harvesting crops, holding more animals and, of course, placing a lot more buildings and decorations on them.

The list of FarmVille expansions that are now available for coins is actually bigger than the one in the title and I let you check it our below:

Lighthouse Cove 30×30 Bayside Estate – 825,000 Coins
Lighthouse Cove 32×32 Waterfront Land – 925,000 Coins
Lighthouse Cove 34×34 Coastal Expanse – 2,000,000 Coins
English Countryside 34×34 Splendid Spread – 3,000,000 Coins
Home 30×30 – 2,000,000 Coins
Home 32×32 – 2,500,000 Coins
Home 34×34 – 5,000,000 Coins

Of course, you can still get any of these expansions for Farm Cash as well, but I see no reason why you would do that. So if you waited for the expansions to become available, now it’s the right time to go on a shopping spree. Just remember that you have to purchase them progressively!


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