If you want to unlock some of the Premium Scenes available in Hidden Chronicles but you’re up fro a good deal, now would be a great time to splash the cash because Zynga is offering to Starter Packs to players that are of some pretty good value for money. Check out below the details about each pack and their contents.

$5 Starter pack (you save $5)
– 40 Energy
– Compact Car
– 20 Estate Cash
– Jewelry Store premium scene

$15 Starter Pack (you save $15)
– 100 Energy
– 40 Estate Cash
– Grand Fountain
– Venice Canals premium scene
– Art Studio premium scene

The good news, as you can see, is that you can get a total of 3 Premium Scenes in Hidden Chronicles, alongside some extra goodies. I think that it’s totally worth the price, but that’s up for you to decide, in the end!