pretweeting-screenAs it usually happens with most highly successful products, Twitter got a game – for real! A free to play, official (apparently, at least), stock exchange type of game, based only on the popular words on Twitter – Pretweeting. Best part? Top players will win prizes like shirts or other goodies. And, of course, maybe some extra followers since you prove to be such a clairvoyant!

So how does this browser based game really works? Well, every word in the dictionary (and even the Internet slang) has a specific value decided by the number of mentions on Twitter. Your goal is to anticipate which words will become popular, buy them cheap and sell them when they reach the top spot.

So even though, in the end, Pretweeting might get resumed to who can be online all the time to buy the “mornings”, “nights” and “goods” when they’re not used and sell them during prime time, there are still people who can have a good time with other strange words. For example, the last round’s winner won with the following stock: “musicmonday gmail having online last”. So, in the end, last was the first!

However, in order to make Pretweeting accessible to everybody (so even for those who are not spending all their time online), there is a limited number of words you can own and that is measured in slots – there are 10,000 slots you can fill at any given time, and each word grabs a number of slots from your inventory. For example, a word like “vasectomy” will occupy one slot, while a popular word like “lol” will occupy more. So a bit of strategy is always welcomed.

However, I am sure that it all sounds a bit more complicated than it actually is. It would be best if you went to the game’s official website and tried it online by clicking here.