From the developers of MafiaBattle and MafiaCreator comes Mafia World; an entirely new mafia game that will challenge you just as much as it will entertain you.

Created by GamoVation, a Dutch-based video game developer, Mafia World combines classic Mafia RPG elements, theft and establishing a solid criminal empire, with amazing PVP battles.

It certainly puts your gangster skills to the test, as you’re required to build your criminal enterprise from the ground up.

Build & Expand your empire

A good place to start is by producing Hemp in your Hemp Farm, which generates income when automatically sold to the citizens of your Empire.

Concrete and Steel, produced in the Concrete Factory and Steel Factory respectively, aid in the construction and expansion of your empire.

Undertaking various construction works not only expands the size of your empire, but also attracts more Mafia Power. This in turn increases your notoriety, making you one of the most revered Crime Bosses in the game.

Collect Bosses & Weapons

Enlist legendary Bosses and arm them with deadly weapons to increase your chances of performing well in PVP Duels.

Create or join clans

This feature allows you to create or join a clan where you can play with friends and other players from all over the world.

Mafia World also has a swift in-game chat system which allows you to conveniently communicate with players.

It’s currently available for free on iOS and Android.

For more, visit the Mafia World website. 

Check out this youtube video.