eve-online-dominionThe 11th EVE Online expansion will be soon released by CCP. Fully titled EVE Online: Dominion, the expansion will focus more on the “end game” part of the MMO, alliance warfare. It will also hit the server quite soon – this winter, by the end of the year and it will be a free expansion, just in case you were afraid you’ll have to spend some extra money during this already crowded Christmas.

According to the official word coming from EVE’s devs, the Dominion expansion will offer “a complete overhaul of the current sovereignty mechanics in favor of a system that’s a brilliant mix of our game design vision and the input we’ve received from fans on forums, at conventions (FANFEST!) and via the CSM. Savvy alliances will benefit greatly from following and understanding these changes, which will receive extensive testing.”

Exact details were not yet released, but we were told about other exciting changes we should expect from the EVE Online: Dominion expansion: new epic arcs for pirate factions, offering the first iteration of the integrated social networking platform known as COSMOS, setting the artists free to rebeautify planets and more.

We will of course update the story as soon as we have some extra details, but until then you can visit the just-released website of the expansion (at the moment, though, there’s nothing to be seen there) or watch the official EVE Online: Dominion announcement video below: