Essential Tips For Mastering Stardew Valley

Essential Tips For Mastering Stardew Valley

Essential Tips For Mastering Stardew Valley

Picking up a random game and being instantly good at it can be a daunting task. It takes time and experience to master a game, regardless of its nature and difficulty. Passionate gamers find excitement in the most difficult phases of games where progression becomes a formidable challenge. However, for casual gamers, numerous guides and walkthroughs are available on the Internet that provides step-by-step tutorials.

Stardew Valley is a renowned name in the world of simulation and role-playing video games. To this day, the game has sold over 10 million copies and is available on all console, mobile, and computer platforms. The game makes the players follow the story of a character who inherits a tumbledown farm from their grandfather in a fictional location known as Pelican Town in Stardew Valley.

Players can take part in open-world activities like crafting ingredients, raising livestock, growing crops, mining ores, selling the produced materials, and maintaining a social life with the people around. Countless hidden mysteries and rewards are hidden all over the map. The secret note 11 is one such mystery in the game that has perplexed players ever since its release. This article will provide an in-depth discussion on the essentials of mastering Stardew Valley.

Farm Types

Choosing the right farm type is the first major decision you will need to make in the game. Understanding the certain features of each farm type is crucial, as this takes players on specific pathways that determine the overall feel of the game. Following is a list of the available types of farms in the game, along with their summarized features.

  • Standard farm: A wonderful choice for beginners, this is a standard map with the highest area of land available for growing animals and farming crops.
  • Forest farm: This map is great for foraging bushes and weeds, and is a heaven for hardwood collectors.
  • Wilderness farm: Combat enthusiasts love this map due to the presence of night-time monsters like golems that can be killed and harvested.
  • Beach farm: Fishing fanatics are able to farm different types of fish on this map, and enjoy the occasional supply crates that wash up at the shore.
  • Four corners farm: This multiplayer map is divided into four small farms that are a combination of the Riverland, Standard, Hill-Top, and Forest farms.
  • Hill-Top farm: This map is perfect for players devoted to mining resources, despite the lack of farming land due to the presence of the hills.
  • Riverland farm: Similar to the beach farm, this map is great for players opting to fish rather than farm crops.

Do Not Forget to Watch TV

Whether it is time to go to sleep or the start of a new day, it is always a good idea to turn the TV on for a while every day. This is a valuable source of in-game information that helps in progression. A channel called Fortune Teller gives predictions about your luck on that day. The chances of discovering rare items are increased on lucky days, and vice versa.

The weather report is another important piece of information that can be retrieved from watching TV. Rainy days mean the crops do not need watering, and the effort and resources can be used on other tasks for that day.

Additional channels are unlocked as the player progresses through the game. For general tips and tricks, Livin’ off the Land is a great channel to visit every day.

Plan Your Layout

Experienced strategy-simulation gamers mostly vouch for a planned approach to games that requires the setting up of a layout. While these layouts vary between gamers, it is always a smart initial step that decides the entire playstyle of the player throughout the game.

3×3 grid patterns can be a fixed standard you can strictly follow that will enable you to place any object without having to worry about the spacing or relocating other structures. Clever placement of assets can make the gaming experience smoother and less challenging. Plants with shorter cultivation time can be harvested closer to your cabin, compared to plants taking a longer amount of time. The small and specific sections of the grid layout help the farmer keep the entire spread categorized.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

Exchanging pleasantries with the people of the town might seem like a waste of time, but this does have its perks. Once all the townspeople have been approached, a specific achievement is unlocked in the game. Furthermore, the people would then be handing out more quests to complete, which helps in progression. These NPCs also gift the player with various rewards and recipes that are not obtainable from other sections of the game.

Visit the Community Center and Bulletin Boards

Unlocking the community takes some time but is usually available after a few days of playing the game. A wizard will guide you through the process, and you will end up with more quests if you act accordingly. Completing every possible quest in the game is the true key to progress. The difficulty of these quests increases gradually, along with the value of rewards. Make sure you don’t put off these challenges, as they are time-sensitive.

The bulletin board is situated beside the general store. Multiple quests are listed on the right and can easily be completed as these are usually small challenges with fitting rewards. On the left side of the bulletin board is a calendar including all the birthdays of the other players. Delivering gifts to these players helps in building friendship, which is greatly beneficial for players looking to progress in the game.

Farm, Farm, Farm!

Role-playing games, or farming games, generally require extensive grinding to reach the higher tiers. Players need to farm vigorously if they wish to stay competitive amongst the top players in the world. Even casual players should farm constantly to replenish resources spent on quests or sowing new seeds. Ranging from foraging to fishing, any form of farming adds to your resources, making you richer and more capable in the process.

Final Words

Stardew Valley is an amazing opportunity for gamers of all types, as the game is loaded with features suited to the likings of most players. There is a little bit of everything in this brilliant strategy RPG. Conquering the initial challenges can be unnerving for certain players, but reading a guide or a walkthrough solves this dilemma. A strong start to the game can set you up on an amazing journey for years to come!