It’s time to pack your bags and head over to Metropoville for a new and better adventure in Life Quest 2: Metropoville. The sequel to the popular Life Quest game (a life simulation somewhat similar to The Sims, if it wasn’t clear already) comes with a bunch of additions and improvements and I promise you that you’ll love it more than the original! I certainly did!

In Life Quest 2: Metropoville, you get to upgrade your vehicle, purchase a pet, and even find true love as you move up the social ladder. You have quests to complete, a job to become an expert at and a ton of things to do in the virtual universe.

If you have played the original Life Quest, you will be happy to find that the new game comes whit a lot more challenges and achievements, a new way of playing that allows you to choose if you want to play against an opponent or not (to make things even more interesting) and more customization options and locations available than ever. So basically it’s your chance to start a new life – virtually – and become the best person ever.

You don’t have to trust my word (even though it’s highly recommended) and you can head over to Big Fish Games (click the link) right now and play Life Quest 2: Metropoville. You’ll get addicted, though, so consider yourself warned!