One would believe that everybody forgot about the Byron review about consumer’s lack of awareness of the PEGI rating system (among other things). It appears that ELSPA, the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association in the UK, kept analyzing it and found the solution to keep everybody happy: the “Traffic Light” rating system.

This rating system is, according to the organization, simple to understand and effective in combating all the confusion regarding the content within video games – as you can see in the image in the upper left corner, it’s pretty self-explanatory, too.

“Video gaming is one of the UK’s best performing sectors and a rare economic success in today’s gloomy environment, with retailers announcing record profits and government ministers describing gaming as ‘the most important part of what we call the Creative Industries’”, said Margaret Hodge, InStock Magazine.

Honestly, I don’t think that this change of the rating system will change too much the way buyers will purchase products – there will still be kids playing MGS4 or Halo 3, but I’m not the expert here. If they say it’s for the best, so be it!