Aeria Games, the best known developers of MMORPGs have just announced their latest project, Dragon Knights, a combat oriented fantasy MMORPG. The game is still in its early development stages, but a closed beta has begun and everybody is invited to apply.

“Dragon Knights immerses players in a vibrant and violent fantasy world which is designed to encourage a multitude of ways for players to fight with each other,” said Executive Producer Spencer Tucker. “Core players will enjoy a rich MMORPG experience packed with PvP combat, large scale guild battles, and even a political system where they can get elected to positions of power.”

Like all of Aeria’s games, Dragon Knights is free to play and tells the story of dragon Kharvag who returns to threaten the worlds of Litos with destruction. It’s up to players to seek out the power and strength of the lost order by establishing a new legion of Dragon Knights willing to stand against their ancient enemy.

You should expect from Dragon Knights to deliver everything that today’s MMORPGs have: great visuals, large scale PvP battles, guild systems and tons of quest to complete.

If it sounds interesting, then head over to the game’s official site and sign up for the closed beta.