Morrigan was one of the main characters in Dragon Age Origins and she is known for being cold, apathetic and egocentric. She is a witch of the wilds just like her supposed mother, Flemeth, and she was raised far from civilization. Due to the lack of interaction and communication with other human beings, Morrigan is not able to fully empathize with most human-like actions and decisions. During Origins, Morrigan was many times the hero and the villain simultaneous, since she never offered anything without any sort of gain. Many things have happened since Morrigan was last seen in the Witch Hunt DLC and the question is: What kind of character will Morrigan be in Inquisition? Will she keep her old posture of seeking any form of profit through her actions? Or perhaps, she has changed and evolved into something else? In this article, I’ll be discussing what will probably happen with this character.

1435_1000Part 1: Magic Has Always Been Part of Her Life

Living in the wilds might not be the best lifestyle ever but for a heretic mage it’s probably the safest way to live. Far from the templars, Morrigan could always find solace in the company of animals and of course, her magic abilities. Being a shapeshifter means you can transform into all kind of animals, thus getting closer to them becomes easier. But Morrigan is aware of the human world and she knows that if she ever gets caught she will most likely spend the rest of her life locked in one of The Circles. It’s natural for every mage to hate and despise templars and all the institutions commanded by them. Therefore, Morrigan cannot have any kind of sympathy for this faction, simply because it seeks nothing but to imprison and enslave mages, even those capable of containing their own powers. It would be extremely naïve to defend templars’ goals while being a mage, however things got completely out of control during Dragon Age 2 and the world of Thedas is now at war. And the war will have no ending, unless mages and templars reconsider their ideals, values and ethics towards each other…

Part 2: Angel or Demon?

None. Morrigan is a witch and witches are known for being strange, bizarre, awkward. She surely has evil inside of her but she also has a good side, just as everyone does. But Morrigan isn’t just anyone. She’s a very powerful sorceress with knowledge of ancient magic. She is more than capable to be god’s hand amongst the living and she proves that by conceiving a baby with a soul of the divine. Nevertheless, Morrigan has a bittersweet personality that makes her think twice before doing anything – if there’s nothing to gain, then it’s not worth it. She only joined the Warden’s journey because the blight was a real treat to everyone, even herself and her life; she only offered to save Warden’s life because she wanted a transcendent supernatural child. With every good action comes a price… but isn’t it like that in real life too? Morrigan’s behavior can be seen as evil and selfish, since she always wants something for herself but on the other hand, her offerings are beneficial so it’s also a good action. Nothing comes for free and I believe that the Morrigan we know will return exactly as she is.

Morrigan’s portrait by Jinxiedoodle

Part 3: The Archedemon Child and Inquisition

BioWare has announced that Morrigan will return in Inquisition. Although, she won’t be a party member as it happened in Origins, she will have a great role in the upcoming narrative. It’s too early to speculate but it will surely be related to the unborn child she conceived at the end of Origins with Alistair or the male Warden, perhaps this youngster will be the key to resolve this massive conflict that is tearing apart the whole domain. But there will be a major problem; I can’t possibly imagine Morrigan cooperating with templars, even if they’ve become more comprehensive and tolerant towards mages, it seems unlikely of her. However, she will realize that if she doesn’t do anything, Thedas will collapse upon itself and the result will be basically the same compared to the destruction caused by another blight. I believe it will be in players’ hands to influence Morrigan regarding this matter, meaning that each player will end up with a different story just as it happened in Origins. Therefore, Morrigan can perfectly become the true hero and the grand villain once again.

I am certain that Morrigan will offer her abilities to the Inquisitor. What I don’t know, however, is what she’ll ask in return this time. She has been preparing something huge since long ago and the only thing we seem to know about it is that it involves that archedemon unborn child; everything else is sealed in pure mystery. I guess BioWare will be unveiling some more of the upcoming plot in the months to come. Until then, Morrigan can keep preparing her ultimate plan to completely destroy or save Thedas.


  1. It’s very hard to say hm,hopefully she doesn’t force me to kill her I’d hate that she is a brilliant women.I consider her a piece of art,but she is selfish and cynical always seeks something in return you’ll say.Right and who isn’t like that in the world of grown up’s,whatever people are aware of this or not everyone wants something.My second play trough beating Origins I was playing as Amell a young,cunning,ruthless,cynical sorcerer but unlike Morrigan I was a blood mage.Now why I am bringing Amell in is because,honestly I acted as a trickster making me far worse then her.I ended up using everyone and everything,hell I even concealed a child with her even then in Witch Hunt I stabbed her.No it was not the god baby because I used Loghain to slay Urthemiel anyway I was shunned by the world in both Origins and Awekening.I have two other characters Cousland and Surana the city elf mage was my first choice there I was straight Paragon good guy again a mage.Now the reason why I refused her was because I didn’t trust her and I wanted Urthemiel destroyed.Now I ended up with Leliana in that particular save,I did get creative considering making wrong decisions you know the stuff one can’t be proud of.I did ask the clever questions of course Is this why were you send with me?.She was like yes but I kind of care for your well being!.The second question was about the baby and the more she talked during my second play trough the less I trusted her.So I asked another question The child won’t be evil right?.She responded with of course not it will be raised by me!.Yes about that Morrigan that is the problem so there I was to make my final statement and I didn’t allow this.She persisted to use Loghain but I said no again you’re not getting anything from me.Morrigan:Are you so foolish to throw your life for your Pride…in witch I said “I have no intentions of sacrificing myself and indeed I didn’t.Morrigan again:Will you flee and be known as a coward she provoked me further…My final statement was “I should have killed you long ago”,in witch she replied with a smile on her face well you wasted your chance now goodbye my friend.We did meet again but this time even I alone was surprised by my own coldness,ruthlessness and the urge for vengeance was to strong.NO I could not cut her down in my first play trough for I did fancy her a lot if I may add.But when you play your cards as a trickster,one thing can not be tolerated desertion and betrayal.To get back on what Amell did,he didn’t even hide it for him she was the traitor and he wanted her dead with his every fiber of his being.So he states he wants her dead in witch she smiles and replies “I see at least you are honest”.So we started arguing and then Flemth was brought in the subject.Hunt her not me she said and I just coldly replied since I did kill Flemeth “I am tired of doing your dirty work for you”.Then she mentions a child from our let’s call it a miss adventure so there I was standing before her.We argued and Amell insisted to deliver the child to him and that she would walk with her life.But as the conversation heated Amell started loosing his patient his cunning nature and the urge to kill rises.Morrigan speaks this words “He is beyond your reach now”,as she approaches the Eluvien he follows.She gazes at him and despite the harsh words,she didn’t expect such betrayal the look in her eyes she gave me that look.The look was horrible filled with sadness,grief,love but despite all the emotions that flew trough those beautiful eyes like water spring the question why the astonishment in her eyes oh that was the worse part.I am going to be honest with you it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in gaming believe me.I bloody cried when I did that,I felt remorse,guilt GG it’s just a game mate all that may be true.Tough one thing is certain Morrigan is an amazing character some man would say that she is a dream.In 12 years of gaming I have never,ever and I mean it come so close to a video game character emotionally.This may sound silly but I kind of fell in love with her.I usually don’t care about characters but this game was something different,I wish there were more games with save imports and well written characters.I know off three Mass effect,The Witcher and Dragons Age and yes you kind of get close to characters in such games.But the connection with Morrigan was just something I don’t know how to describe that it was just I have no words.Stunned,Amazed,Charmed alas Claudia Black is an excellent actress as for voice acting Morrigan was indeed her master piece in voice acting.The game had a soul Origins was a game with a soul yeah that’s it!.Lets just hope Inquisition follows in the same footsteps in that case we will have a master piece.


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