I’ll be honest with you and admit that I haven’t played the original Trade Mania game, and I am really sad to say that because apparently I missed out on a lot of fun if it was close to the high quality of Trade Mania 2. But at least I found this game – and I am here to share it with you, because especially strategy game and board game fans must download Trade Mania 2!

Trade Mania 2 is combining the best features of economic board games with realistic settings in the world’s most fascinating cities! Trade Mania 2 features more dynamic gameplay, sophisticated virtual competitors, and a great variety of strategic solutions. Purchase real estate, construct buildings, trade goods and run your competitors into the ground using maps of actual cities in Trade Mania 2!

The game also includes a multiplayer mode so you can test your skills against friends and by all means looks like a really amazing game to try. So head over to Big Fish Games and download Trade Mania 2!


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