prometheusFancy playing a game in the spirit of other great titles like Portal or Mirror’s Edge – everything completely FREE of charge? Of course you do! Therefore, you will have to download Prometheus and give the game a try then return and tell us what you think about it.

If you want to know a bit more details about Prometheus the computer game, here’s what the official description reads:

“Prometheus is a mission-based, single-player co-op game in the spirit of “Portal” and “Mirror’s Edge.” By using the Prometheus Device, players bend the laws of Einsteinian physics using the theory of quantum states, meaning that goals are accomplished by completing missions with your past, present and future selves.”

Sounds a bit like Braid, too, right? The truth is that Prometheus, a free game created using the Unreal Development Kit, is a real gem with amazing puzzles and complex challenges, a title that will certainly keep you glued to your chair until you finish the game. And that’s a great thing!

Click here to download, completely free of charge, Prometheus and have fun!