eclosionIf you’re getting a little nostalgic and feel like playing a top down shooter that’s fun like those in the old day – but you don’t really know what game to choose – you could give Eclosion a try. The game is a top down shooter created by Eipix Entertainment, the independent Serbian developers of the well known Pyroblazer.

Eclosion is, according to the official description, an “intense top down shooter featuring cutting-edge 3D graphics, particle systems and post-processing effects”. The game also features upgradeable weapons, various combat environments and most likely tons of enemy ships to blast off.

Even more, for the nostalgivs, Eipix has created a music soundtrack that blends authentic retro tunes (created on analogue retro synthesizers like the original SID chip on the Commodore 64) with a modern sound, resulting in a must hear experience. Add to that co-op single play (as well as singleplayer campaigns) and online player statistics, and you’ll have quite a few reasons to be happy that Eclosion is coming.

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced, but we can only hope that the game will be here soon enough!