It was a time when point and click adventures were really popular, now the genre is something that just the older gamers enjoy playing. Fortunately, the point and click adventure genre is not completely dead either and most of the releases are short, indie games. Like Reversion, an amazing adventure that is available as a free game.

A game that you won’t regret downloading! Reversion, even though created in Argentina and therefore coming with a full Spanish voice-over, has English subtitles and can be easily played. We can even say that the Spanish language adds even more charm to the overall experience and atmosphere of the game.

The amazing thing about Reversion – one that you’ll spot as soon as you start playing the game – is that it looks simply beautiful. Hand drawn, 2D, beautiful graphics – these are the eye catchers. Add to that some really nice puzzles (many of them challenging, but logical), a lot of items to click and investigate and you have a surprisingly good game to download and play for free.

So if you are a fan of the old point and click adventure genre and you want to play a solid game for free, download Reversion – I am sure you will love it!