diablo3It appears that it’s the month of fake rumors released by all sorts of strange websites: after the fake Modern Warfare 2 details list, we might now be facing a fake release date and system specification article on Diablo III. We all know that the game is coming but we have no idea when – and I think we could all agree that it’s not happening this year.

However, a website called kaputik claims to have the release date for Diablo III as well as the system requirements for Blizzard’s upcoming dungeon crawling RPG. According to the website, we’ll receive a multiplayer beta on September 11, 2009, and the full game will be released on 24th December, 2009. And this does not seem plausible at all, since it’s such a huge gap between the demo and the full release. Not to mention the fact that releasing a game exactly the 24th of December would be a huge waste of sold copies and Blizzard knows it and I’m sure they would never do such mistakes.

Now, regarding the rumored system requirements for Diablo III, here they are:

Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista
Processor: 1.4GHz or higher CPU.
RAM: 1Gb or more.
Video: 128Mb video card Dx9
Hard Drive Space: 4-8GB

Again, something I find hard to believe (if these are the recommended and not the minimum) since they are obscenely low. Also, that 4-8GB of HDD space needed by the game is also strange: plus/minus 4GB is pretty much!

So, as much as we’d like to believe that these information on Diablo 3’s release date and system requirements are (or could) be real, we can’t. Of course, it’s still valuable information and, as long as there is a 0.1% chance of it being true, there is still hope. However, the website launching the info also writes about hamburgers and airline companies, so I can’t believe them. Sorry.


  1. Actually, to me, a 4-8GB game sounds about right..

    Take for instance, GTA IV. The two CD sizes combined were a whopping 13.8GB size, let alone the installed version being 14.9GB..

    And other games like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge have both has 7GB of space after being installed.

  2. hey i dont know about those dates. i mean if you are american just have another look at them. they both seem too….monumental?

  3. Hey I’ve been watching my friend and his buddies work on the game for about 4 years now. ( They work for Blizzard in the Diablo3 Department…)My friend told me that the game just needs a little bug testing and ofcourse all the system testing as well. Which means they have to test Diablo3 and all its features on diffrent computers to see what works and what doesnt… I’m excited and I’m glad my friend lives near me hes a real cool guy telling me about the game. The requirements are going to be 1.5-3GHZ Nvidia Graphics card 650-900 The amount of space the game is going to take up is like 6-9 GB. Don’t worry if you dont have the top notch computer because Blizzard wants lots of customers that will keep buying. There is going to be an options menu that lets you take down the graphics for those with lower tech computers. Then for us who wants really good graphics and blood we can boost it up a little bit. Which will be Gamma and Particle wise. And there is going to be weather in the game like tornadoes and wind and snow… You can turn it off for better performance.

    Now about the game itself. The economy is going to be based on gold which means we are going to have to decrease the amount of gold monsters drop. This is not like world of warcraft gold. There is only 2 types of buy and sell in Diablo 3. Its going to be buy items like runes and gear and buy gold. Now gold will be more important because there is not as much of it because of the following. Auction house. Re talenting or you can call it Respeccing those of you who play World of Warcraft know this stuff. Proffesions like fishing mining and tailoring… ITs going to be diffrent than WoW so dont worry. Also Unsocketing items you guys know what socketing is if you have played WoW recently or Diablo 2. Thats for gold now about the towns. As you see the world map on Diablo3.com is pretty big eh? Alot bigger than the acts of Diablo 2 or the Catacombs of Diablo 1. There is going to be environments and weather as I have mentioned earlier. The goal in this game is to venture far and hit big cities trade and move out into the wasteland to kill more monsters and eventually kill diablo for the third time lmao. Now, on the way to the big cities there are going to be a bunch of small outposts or small towns… You can sell repair or pick up quests before you move on to the next town or outpost. I like this idea. The way you can decide which are the big cities, is were most of the people hang around and duel trading and visiting the Auction house. Now speaking to those who have been to diablo3.com You know that city its in the desert its like Calehm or something? My friend told me that is going to be one of the big cities he calls it. Not all towns will have auction houses and trainers. Now if you have been wondering about the transportation in otherwords mounts or the little telepads or waypoints in WoW and Diablo 2. Im sorry but those ways of teleportation are out of the game. You beam in with friends somehow and there are portals you can go through in the cities to get around but they cost gold to travel through. You can do this or you can take a nice long walk with a bunch of monsters on your back. I suggest leveling up and gettin to know the area before just teleporting around. Thats all I have to say about the game so far. If you don’t believe me email me at the botom of this page and we can talk about it. One more thing before i go, The release date is infact 24th of december. They have released it on this time before and they will do it again. My friend also tells me that those of you that think starcraft2 is coming out before diablo3, you might be a little wrong there they are coming out the same time for the first. Its amazing you can play both games and be double excited about it okay? Lol. Oh and the diablo3 gameplay trial you can download online for free or you can buy a longer trial for a little money, will be on september 11-25 THIS IS IN 2009 YEAH BABY!!


  4. hey guys do you think can i play it on windows vista with 512 mb graphic card nividia FGforce 9600gt 2.13 ghz and 4 gb ram pleas tell me is it enough?????

  5. yeah. u should be able to run d3. i think the game will be a small step up from sacred 1. “google” system requirements for sacred.


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