After so many years of painful anticipation, details about Diablo III start to pop up from everywhere and fans are delighted. However, not all news is good news (at least not for the more hardcore players): in Diablo III, Blizzard plans to automatically assign attributes each time your character levels up.

This means that, most likely, characters will not develop as player would like them to and this will have as a result both frustration and limited replay value (since the game will distribute points following a specific pattern). On the other hand, it is helpful for the more casual players or the beginners since it will make sure they won’t mess up their character completely by randomly assigning points. However, this “feature” does more bad than good since you probably know that it’s more rewarding to learn for yourself, from your own mistakes and win a game with a character YOU have created. So I truly hope that Blizzard will change their mind and at leas offer players the chance of turning this auto assignment off.

On the brighter side, the developers have announced that Diablo III will not use DRM – so no SecuROM for us! “The thing that I think helps us, is that […] really is our most effective DRM. If you want to play online on with other players you’re going to have to have a legitimate copy,” said vice president Rob Pardo. I am really happy to hear that and I am sure all the Diablo III fans are. So lets hope for the best!